Dear Facebook, Your “Community Standards” Are Anything But…

I got a strange pop-up message when I logged onto my Facebook app this evening: “You are blocked from posting for violating our community standards on sexual activity.”


So of course, I needed to know why. I clicked that learn more button!

The post in question was flagged on February 1st… nearly 2 months ago!

What was the post? A photo of my roadrash and a message of protection/self-respect for your body (when riding a motorcycle). I challenged the viewer to consider the consequences of crashing without full protective equipment.

This is the same message and photo I have used since I opened my account in 2011. Never once have I been flagged before. My photos are educational. I use them during special presentations to high schoolers, approved in advance by the faculty and government, for goodness sake.

Ok, Facebook. I disagree 100%. My post had NOTHING to do with sexual activity. So, what are my options here?

Oh, really, that’s my ONLY OPTION? Wow, ok. So whaaaaaaaaaat happens now?

Well, if I can’t post, at least I can still BROWSE!

Let us browse.

Hang on a minute… confusion is setting in.

Oh wait, there’s more!

No sexual activity to see here, clearly. Move along.

So, what did I learn tonight?

1. Nudity is allowed as long as it’s BEAUTIFUL NUDITY and not something that doesn’t fit the traditional definition of “sexy.”

2. Sexual activity is allowed as long as it places someone – usually a woman – in a submissive role to her partner.

3. Although extremely rare, sometimes you can catch the boys being sexually exploited and demeaned as well… but only the gay ones.

This is a product advertisement! This was REVIEWED before being cleared and posted (all advertisements are screened in advance).

Someone is selling something, alright…

I’m not buying it.

These so-called standards are doing more harm than good. The decision makers are allowing this systematic oppression to continue. Want to say its just an algorithm? Someone built this program.

Terrifingly, there is no recourse. Facebook offers no option to speak to a real human about the decision. There’s no one to present this load of crap to. The only option is to “accept” the censorship, take a time out, and keep your mouth shut for 24 hours (or more).


I won’t stay quiet about this. This is not right. These double standards do not bode well for the future of women. It’s Women’s History Month for *$@% sake! Time to change this cycle once and for all.

You with me? Say something. Hit the share button.

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  1. March 26, 2020 — 10:19 am

    You are so right. In everything you have stated and shown, women are only shown as objects. I have no idea how or if this will change, other than how we raise our male children and our female children to not put up with it. Still, the powers that be. Thanks. Gin

    Gin Shear, Executive Director  Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc.  7 Lent Ave  LeRoy, NY 14482-1009  Gin’s Cell  585-746-9214 Email: 

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