What has motorcycling taught you about yourself?  What has becoming a biker revealed about your inner strength? As women, we are powerful beyond measure.  We are bold, brave, headstrong, stubborn, determined, and passionate. We want to know how you discovered that you were strong enough to do anything. Was it during your first solo ride? Was it a cross-country trip that pushed you beyond your comfort zone?  Was it a first-place finish in a race?  Share your story and show the world that women are capable of amazing things – especially when you add a motorcycle and a little empowerment to the mix.

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Here’s a preview of Chapter Five – More Than Just a Bike: How Motorcycling Empowers Me.

“I hopped on my bike, trying to put all fears aside and just do what I loved to do; I clicked into gear and nervously let out the clutch. The sand was much more difficult to turn in and when I went into the small dunes, I found my dirt bike was the one in control – not me. I’d try to pick a line in the dunes like I’d always done on my quad, but if my dirt bike leaned a different way, I followed. It felt like I couldn’t stop and I was scared I wouldn’t even be able to turn around and make it back to camp, but at least I hadn’t fallen over (yet)! In an attempt to be more aggressive, I dumped my bike on the side of a dune and killed the engine. Now, I was really being put to the test!” – Brittny Cleveland

“Everyone has a birthday – a day where you and everyone else can celebrate another year of your life.  September 25th is not my birthday, no, it is my Life Day.  In 2005, I made a choice to hop on the back of a friend’s sportbike and go for a ride.  There was nothing special about that Sunday. The sun was shining, the lizards were crawling, and the wind was blowing like it always does in New Mexico.  Little did I know that I was going to discover my destiny because of what was about to happen. That horrible accident changed my life forever. Six years later, I have learned so much about myself, life, love, hard work, happiness, and what “meant to be” really means.  I now have a purpose, a responsibility, a passion that I might never have known or experienced without motorcycling.  I feel a little like a superhero sometimes because I was built for this – heart, soul, body and spirit.” – Brittany

– Queen Bees: Women Riders Who Rule the Street, Track and Dirt –

1. Method to the Madness – Why I Ride.
2. Seeking the Missing Piece – How I Discovered Riding.
3. Addiction in the Making – My First Ride.
4. Home is Where the Heart is – My Favorite Place to Ride.
5. More than Just a Bike – How Motorcycling Empowers Me.
6. Survivors, Soldiers, Warriors – Learning to Get Up After the Fall
7. Independent Women – What it Means to Rule
8. True Queen Bees – Women Motorcyclists Who Inspire