Seeking the Missing Piece…

Nanette Rudd, a contributor to Queen Bees.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is born to be wild.  For those of us who are, only some become riders. Motorcycling exists in mainstream media all over the world, but it’s the real people who ride who make this sport what it truly is.  There are riders hiding in the cracks and crevices of society, seek them out and you might find them in the most unexpected of places. How does one become a motorcyclist? From where does the desire, the privilege, and the circumstance to become part of such an elite group emerge?

Some believe its the motorcycle gods who live in the shadows, waiting for the day to convert yet another wayward soul. Many see us as a pack of wolves seeking new members, who are not interested in allowing just any stray dog off the street to join our pack.  For others, they say it’s in a biker’s blood from the beginning – just a way of life they’ve always known.

So who recruited you to the dark side?  How did you discover your passion for the two-wheeled way of life? Did you stumble upon the opportunity, or was it handed to you on a silver platter?  Regardless of where you are now, you had to start somewhere… and the path that led you to motorcycling is unique to every individual. There is no “right way”, there is only your way. We’re sharing your stories with the world to give thanks to those who led you here.

An excerpt from Chapter Two of Queen Bees: Women Riders who Rule the Street, Track and Dirt –

Without ever realizing it before now, motorcycles have been a part of my life since before I was born. Although I was not born into a household of bikers, my family did have a huge part in leading me towards the lifestyle of a rider.   Always a tomboy seeking the next adventure, I found it mainly in backyards and basements playing “cops and robbers” or “knights and dragons” with my little brother and the neighborhood boys… this later translated to my thirst for the thrill and speed so many in my family had already indirectly exposed me to. When I look back at my life experiences in chronological order, my passion for motorcycles starts to make perfect sense. When it comes to matters of the heart, bikes have always played a huge part. I didn’t choose to love motorcycling, motorcycling chose me.” – Brittany Morrow


Here is a list of all the chapter subjects we will be featuring in Queen Bees:

1. Method to the Madness – Why I Ride.
2. Seeking the Missing Piece – How I Discovered Riding.
3. Addiction in the Making – My First Ride.
4. Home is Where the Heart is – My Favorite Place to Ride.
5. More than Just a Bike – How My Motorcycle Empowers Me.
6. Survivors, Soldiers, Warriors – Learning to Get Up After the Fall
7. Independent Women – What it Means to Rule
8. True Queen Bees – Women Motorcyclists Who Inspire