Queen Bees, Chapter One: Why I Ride.

So, why do you ride? What does riding actually mean to you? If you take a minute to think about it, you might have one very specific reason for riding, or many reasons for throwing your leg over day in and day out. Whatever your reasoning for being a rider, for claiming the status of “crazy ” or “reckless” by all other societal standards…
you are not alone.

In fact, you are in the best of company.  Let us celebrate our insanity together.

We invite you to share with us your story; your reason for riding, your method to the madness. Chapter one is all about breaking down the walls and sharing who we really are with the world for the first time.  We thought no better subject than the reasoning behind why we do what we do.

Below you find a few examples (just a taste) of what you can expect to find in Queen Bees: Women Riders Who Rule the Street, Track and Dirt.

“Riding is the ultimate feeling of freedom. There are no limits, no regulations, and no security cameras rolling. It’s me, my bike, and the endless possibilities that an open desert brings. I can go in any direction, there are no dead ends. I’m ready for Mother Nature’s obstacles and challenges, ready to push myself to the next level. The world looks different through my goggles and I understand the true meaning of being alive.” – Brittny Cleveland

“Why do I ride?  Because motorcycling has never  betrayed me.  My whole life has been a battle of whom to trust, what to decide, and where to go. I am the product of my actions and the consequences that followed thereafter – both good and bad. Everything I do today molds who I will become tomorrow.  In a world that literally changes with every passing minute, riding is the one thing that stays constant, and will be there long after I am gone. When I ride it makes me better, stronger. I grow more patient at every red light. I develop more gratitude with every turn. I learn to embrace my freedom and challenge my personal limits with the cresting of every mountain. I see my ultimate self, who I really want to be on the horizon, and I ride towards it.” – Brittany Morrow

Here is a list of all the chapters we will be featuring in Queen Bees:

1. Method to the Madness – Why I Ride.
2. Seeking the Missing Piece – How I Discovered Riding.
3. Addiction in the Making – My First Ride.
4. Home is Where the Heart is – My Favorite Place to Ride.
5. More than Just a Bike – How My Motorcycle Empowers Me.
6. Survivors, Soldiers, Warriors – Learning to Get Up After the Fall
7. Independent Women – What it Means to Rule
8. True Queen Bees – Women Motorcyclists Who Inspire


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