Queen Bees: Women Riders Who Rule the Street, Track and Dirt is a collection of stories from female riders all over the planet who have a passion for anything with two (or three) wheels and a motor. This is our opportunity as women who ride to share our hearts, minds, bodies and souls with the world…   show them all who we really are.

Just for fun, I’d like to describe my vision of what this project is going to be like. If the #1 bestseller “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and the song “I am Woman” had a baby together, and that baby grew up on the handlebars of a bike ridden by a bad-ass motorcycle chick… then that would be this book.

Have something to say?  We know you do!

The book will consist of several chapters, all focusing on a different aspect of what makes female riders really tick. This is where we are giving you the chance to tell your story, or stories about your life as a motorcyclist.  Guys, you can also contribute, as long as you write about a woman you know or know of who you feel represents one of the chapters well. Photographers, you can submit photos as well, anything that you think might capture the spirit of a Queen Bee or what the lifestyle is all about. There will be no limit to the number of times you can send in a story or photo, as long as each submission focuses on one of the specific subjects we’ve chosen to feature in the book.

Here is a list of the chapters we will be featuring in Queen Bees:

1. Method to the Madness – Why I Ride.
2. Seeking the Missing Piece – How I Discovered Riding.
3. Addiction in the Making – My First Ride.
4. Home is Where the Heart is – My Favorite Place to Ride.
5. More than Just a Bike – How My Motorcycle Empowers Me.
6. Survivors, Soldiers, Warriors – Learning to Get Up After the Fall
7. Independent Women – What it Means to Rule
8. True Queen Bees – Women Motorcyclists Who Inspire

That’s me, Brittany Morrow, at the Conga!

If you need some inspiration, read our blog posts!  Brittny and I have elaborated and even given examples on each chapter in order to help clarify our vision and nudge those of you who might be on the fence about sending us a story. There is no limit to the length of your submission. All we require is your permission to edit and publish your words, with full author recognition, if/when we choose to include your submission into the book.

Please send all submissions to: QueenBeesBook@gmail.com – you can paste your story right into the body of the email, or attach it as a Microsoft Word document.

Our own Brittny Cleveland, at the track!

Please, please, PUH-LEEZE spread the word about our project and submission policy to any and all of your friends and family – you never know who might have a story or a photo up their sleeve! Being a rider isn’t required, but focusing on women who ride is a must.

The book will be available for purchase online, so you can share the stories with everyone you know! Publication dates will be released as we get closer to completion.

So, until then…

Write on!